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Seychelles remains a safe and travel worthy destination, please click on the following link for further information about entry requirements and health measures in place http://advisory.seychelles.travel


Our aim is always to provide personalized top quality professional services to our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.


Our commitment to you is to ensure your safety and wellbeing onboard all the time.


Bringing the flora and fauna of the heavenly Seychelles Islands closer to you on your trip.

Embark with us for a unique experience!

Discover the Indian Ocean and the inner islands of Seychelles on board our modern and comfortable boat.

In an intimate and friendly atmosphere, Creole Odyssea Boat Charter offers you an unforgettable adventure through a wide range of activities.

Explore the wonders of the ocean with Creole Odyssea

  • Boat charter Seychelles
  • Boat charter Seychelles
  • Boat charter Seychelles